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Vental products


The Vental range of blind styles includes 1 retractable, tiltable model 2 non-retractable, tiltable models.


Product overview
Comparison table of features and specifications

Model 80a
Premium external aluminium blind, roll-formed with radius edge.
Retractable and with 80 mm slats.

Model R80
External aluminium blinds, roll-formed with radius edge.
Non-retractable and with 80 mm slats.

Model R88
External aluminium blinds, with extruded flat profile and a light-reducing lip.
Non-retractable and with 88 mm slats

Benefits and features of Vental blinds
Vental external aluminium louvre blinds protect your building from heat, light and glare – greatly improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial building.

Design considerations for Vental blinds
Considerations when selecting and planning to use Vental blinds.

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