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Operation and maintenance




Instructions for operation and maintenance of Vental External Louvre Blinds

1. Overview of operation.
Vental external blinds may be raised, lowered or tilted to create the desired sun shading, room darkening or privacy effect. The adjustment of the blinds can be either through electric motors (individually switched) or automatic systems (by the sun & wind microprocessor).

NOTE: If the individual control switches are used to adjust the blinds they must be switched back into the "OFF" position when the adjustment is finished.

2. Motorised with manual switching.
The individual control switches may be used to adjust the blinds separately from the automatic group.

The blinds are raised or lowered by turning the switch until it locks into the appropriate position and once the blind has reached the desired position turning the switch OFF.

The blinds may be tilted by quickly twisting the switch between UP/DOWN and OFF. This switching gives short pulses to the motor in the desired direction which affects the blinds tilt.

(The individual switches are subservient to automatic microprocessor control and thus may have to be re adjusted to personal preferences after the SUN & WIND CONTROL has performed its function.)

3. Automatic operation.
The sun and wind automatic control unit will raise, lower and tilt all the blinds connected to it as a group.

When the sun and wind control unit is switched to "auto" it will control the blinds according to the set threshold values for sun, wind and tilt. If it is set into the "manual" mode the blinds may be adjusted via the up down switches on the sun and wind control unit.

The threshold values may be adjusted via the appropriate pot meters. The sun and wind values are measured in kLux and ms-1 respectively. Turning these knobs clockwise will increase the threshold level and an anticlockwise turn will lower the threshold level.

The tilt angle is adjusted via its pot meter located below the sun control pot meter. Turning this knob clockwise will increase the tilt angle and an anti-clockwise turn will reduce the tilt angle. The new set values will only take effect once the sun and wind unit has raised or lowered the blinds.

4. Cleaning and maintenance.
Blinds can be cleaned of salt spray, excess dirt and dust simply by hosing them down. More persistent dirt may need removal with a mild detergent and a sponge.

Keep tracks clean and free of debris.

It is important not to hose up into the blind head channel as this will wash away the lubricant in the operating mechanism and cause the blinds to make excessive noise.

NOTE: High pressure hoses must not be used on blinds.

Maintenance of the blinds should be carried out at 18 month intervals and involves lubrication of the tilting mechanisms and the checking and possible readjustment of blind guides. Vental Australia Pty Ltd should be contacted for this work to be arranged.

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