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Benefits and features of Vental blinds


Vental external aluminium louvre blinds protect your property from heat, light and glare – greatly improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home or commercial property.




Sun protection and insulation
The main purpose of Vental external aluminium louvre blinds is to stop excess solar heat gain by blocking the sun outside your building before it strikes the glass.

Vental external aluminium blinds reduce the transmission of solar radiation from direct sun rays and admit less heat to the space between blinds and glass. The inner glass surface temperature is therefore lower, which results in less heat being transmitted into the room. This can lead to a reduction in internal temperatures of up to 10° C. There is a noticeable improvement in room comfort using Vental blinds with ample temperature and light control to please the occupants.

Automatic systems with microprocessor controls are available - ask us for details that will suit your situation.

Day lighting and glare control
Vental blinds allow maximum use of natural daylight to illuminate the interior of a building without glare. They provide diffused and more even daylight through retraction and/or tlit adjustment of the louvres. Clear untinted glazing can then be used to allow full natural sunlight in and an unspoiled view when looking out.

More efficient than reflective or tinted glazing
Reflective glazing, because of its poorer shading coefficient, requires higher cooling loads in your building than exterior blinds. And because reflective glazing admits less natural daylight, artifical lighting becomes necessary in dull weather. In the case of reflective, heat absorbing glass, and even with the addition of interior blinds to prevent glare, the degree of daylight regulation that is possible is very limited and the use of such a combination often reduces the daylight levels to below acceptable standards.

Energy efficiency
The protection offered by Vental blinds greatly reduces the need for capital investment in airconditioning and reduces the ongoing cost of operating energy-hungry airconditioning systems and interior lighting.

Visual contact with the world outside
Vental blinds allow you to maintain natural, visual contact with the world outside, by the simple adjustment of the tiltable slats. Privacy is also maintained. Vental external louvres allow you to use clear glazing, providing a natural colour view when looking out.

Precision made from highest quality components
Blinds are manufactured in our factory using a computer controlled state-of-the-art German rolling line. Blind slats are made from premium grade aluminium stock, with colours permanently stove enameled onto the aluminium. We use only the highest quality European-designed and manufactured components to create a range of blinds that are famous for their efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Manufactured in Australia
Ventral Australia Pty Limited (ABN 81 002 734 278) is an Australian-owned company established in 1983 and operated by proprietors Aaron and Keiron Low. Our company head office and factory is based at 116 Wellington Street, Waterloo, NSW.

Vental blinds are manufactured and assembled at our Waterloo factory, where customers are welcome to visit, view the production process and see samples of blinds, colour ranges, etc.

Our services include supply, installation and repair. Although the components used in the manufacture of Vental blinds are generally maintenance free and have an extremely long life we maintain a detailed database of past installations and a comprehensive stock of parts for maintenance of all models.

Vental blinds are designed solely for sunlight, heat and glare protection
Vental blinds are designed to protect your property from sunlight, heat and glare and to protect your privacy—they do not offer any protection from fire, wind and rain, nor from break-in.


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